Self-taught Shropshire based artist working in oils and acrylics.
I had little idea when I picked up a palette knife for the first time in January 2014 that I would also be picking up my passion. I recall looking at the plump new tubes of paint, the immaculate brushes and the box of small canvases and thinking they'd never be used more than a couple of times!

Working initially from photographs I completed my first painting with a palette knife before venturing into the world of round, flat, rigger and fan brushes, I became curious about the possibilities of this new found activity. A beckoning whisper of something long hidden began to reveal itself - the anticipation of being let go into something deeper, beyond everyday living.

The subject matter of my paintings reveal something of this - they explore 'time' , whether that be the present moment, memories or future possibilities. I often use still life - objects chosen for the meaning they hold - set within a landscape more often an interior one, but sometimes a garden. The strong lines of a door, window or archway provide structure for the soft, wistfulness of the composition.